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Our Story

Where we started…

Founded in 1920 by William J. Leech, our journey began with the production of tarpaulin covers for barges navigating the Leeds to Liverpool canal.

As goods transitioned from canal to road transport, so did we. Our business flourished, expanding into agriculture and eventually establishing itself as a key player in the road transport industry serving notable haulage companies. From small businesses to multinationals.

Over the decades, we've adapted to changing landscapes, consistently delivering high-quality products across multiple sectors.

Where we are today…

Today, as pioneers in manufacturing products for the road transport industry, we maintain our commitment to
quality. Our dedication to cutting-edge technology aligns seamlessly with meeting the evolving needs of our customers while upholding the timeless values that have been the cornerstone of our success since 1920.

As a proud family-run business, we preserve a tradition of excellence across generations, ensuring the spirit of our founders continues to inspire and guide our dedication to quality and innovation.

Image of William J. Leech

1869 -1950

William joined the Royal Navy in 1885 aged 16 and later in his career sailed on the Cutty Sark
symbolising the early spirit of exploration and innovation that still defines us today.