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PVC Partitioning

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PVC Partitioning is the perfect and most cost effective solution for segregating and dividing areas in workshops and warehouses. Compared to conventional building methods, this can save you time and money. The partitions can be printed in any design required and can have “windows” fitted by using clear PVC.

These can be produced in various colours and, if required, Flame Retardant material.

This partition is in five sections covering the length of the workshop approx. 40mts long.

It has been designed and digitally printed by our in house graphics team where the customer took advantage of the space to remind everyone of the commitment to Health and Safety, and the importance of wearing PPE equipment.

Windows were also fitted for visual and staff safety reasons.

What you see here is a PVC curtain digitally printed to look like a section of breeze block walling and upper cladding, It  has been outlined to make clear which is the PVC Partitioning as it looks like the real thing.

We were asked the question by the customer “can you make it to match the existing wall height” think we did a pretty good job in meeting that brief.

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